Click below to see rates and make your booking. We require only a 10% deposit and the remaining payment is due in cash on the charter. We take bookings using the Junglebee reservations system, it is safe and secure. Cruise passengers we recommend you select the 09:00 start time for your charters to allow you time to exit the ship and port.

Frequently Asked Questions

A happy client with a big Wahoo. Caught on a  fishing charter with Predator Sportfishing Barbados

What are your Charter rates?

You may click the Book Now button on any page to see rates and availability.  We have very competitive rates and because we don't pay commissions to hotels and tour reps etc we are able to keep them lower than our competitors and pass those savings onto you. With this in mind, please contact us yourself. If you have your hotel concierge, front desk, your taxi driver etc, etc call us on your behalf they will expect commission from your charter and that commission will be added on top of our regular rate and passed on to you. 

What's included on my (private) charter?

  • An experienced and friendly Captain and mate who will work hard to get you hooked up.
  • Quality bait and tackle. We use only the best tackle and replace it often.
  • Pickup (from most locations, check with us) for your charter, soft drinks and beer, and sandwiches on six hour or longer trips. Substitutions are possible for drinks, just ask us.
  • There's a cooler with ice that you may use for any other items you wish to bring.
  • Diving mask and snorkels are provided on the trips with swimming or snorkeling. 

What should we bring?

  • The boat has lots of covered shaded area but we still recommend a hat and sunblock or sunscreen, No spray types please. A towel is nice to have always and is a necessity on charters with swimming. Plastic bags for your fish fillets, preferably Ziploc type. A camera for fish photos, nothing fancy needed, most folks just use their phones and are happy with that. A waterproof camera is nice for snorkeling charters. 
  • Any additional drinks, snacks, or food beyond whats provided that you may wish.

What Can't we bring?

  • Illegal drugs; Absolutely no illegal drugs of any kind will be tolerated on board or around our vessel. (Please note that Cannabis in any form is illegal in Barbados). If we discover one of our clients is carrying, we have no choice but to terminate the charter and still charge in full. Please don't put us in this situation, we can lose our license for it. 
  • A bad attitude; We have success on most of our trips but its good to keep in mind that fishing is fishing and sometimes they're just not biting despite our best efforts. Fishing is a sport of patience, and patience is not just the ability to wait but the ability to maintain a good attitude while waiting.
  •  We have cold beer just in case you have to wait a bit  😉  

What is the cancellation policy?

  • You may cancel a booking up to 2 weeks (14 Days) before your trip for a full deposit refund. If you cancel your booking less than 2 weeks before your booked trip your deposit will not be refunded. 
  • We occasionally might have to cancel a trip for weather reasons or under other rare circumstances, we will always try to reschedule your trip. However if your schedule, or ours, doesn't allow re-scheduling, you'll be refunded. We will always contact you first if your trip has to be cancelled. Don't not show up for your charter because you woke up and it was raining.

Is there a bathroom on board?

 Yes, there is a private bathroom(Head) on board. 

Is there shade from the sun on board?

Yes there is shade aboard. More than on most fishing charter boats.


Can we keep the fish we catch?

  • Yes of course you can keep your catch. We will even prepare it for you by filleting the fish and bagging it. However we DO NOT allow clients to waste fish by taking more fish than they can reasonably consume on their holiday and we'll offer you more than enough fish for the duration of your holiday. (Generally up to 5 lbs per person but this can be discussed and adjusted with the captain in order to meet your needs. We're reasonable folks)

Are we guaranteed to catch fish?

  • No. We could do this but we are certain you would not like the result. Guaranteeing catches on fishing charters is a cheap gimmick, fishing is fishing and every boat has a bad day occasionally. It would be very easy after an unsuccessful day offshore for a charter boat to stop by a shallow reef on the way in, catch a tiny little reef fish and say "There's your fish, pay up" and we would never do that to our clients.

What if I/we get seasick?

  • It is very rare for people to get seasick on our boat but If you get seasick on one of our fishing charters we can go in and get you back on land. You may still be charged for your scheduled trip. Depending on our location and the stage of the charter it may be possible to drop off a sick person and head back out. However this is at the discretion of the captain and should be discussed with him before a 'go-back' decision is made by you.

Can we extend our charter while we're out there?

  •  Yes, IF we have availability. Let the captain know you'd like to extend at least an hour before the charter is due to end. The more notice given the better. 

Can we bring our own alcohol?

  • Yes - As much as you want. However it's only to be consumed by adults over 18 years of age. Try to drink responsibly and understand that consumption may limit the activities we will allow you to do on our fishing charters.